Extensive Specialty Care Areas

Candidates should apply to the general care areas that they are interested in. Opportunities will be available in specific units within these care areas.

One benefit of such a large family of hospitals is the extensive specialty services we offer. As a nurse resident, you'll get to focus on one of our many care areas including:

Behavioral Health

Our programs include inpatient care, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care where you will care for adults, seniors and adolescents with mental health conditions. Your training will give you experience developing care plans for each patient’s unique needs.

Critical Care (ICU)

Critical Care units allow you to learn to care for patients with a variety of chronic illnesses or critical conditions. You will work with multidisciplinary teams and serve patients and their families with skill and compassion. We provide highly specialized Critical Care units dedicated to cardiovascular patients, pediatric patients, trauma patients and more.

Emergency Room (ER)

Training in this fast-paced, challenging environment will give you a broad range of experience treating many different patients with varying conditions. Our ERs are deliver fast, expert care to the communities we serve. As a nurse resident, you’ll be part of creating a seamless patient experience through service and competency.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation units give you the opportunity to connect with patients throughout their journey to recovery. You’ll learn to support, empower and educate patients and their families throughout the rehabilitation process.

Acute Care

Acute Care units are devoted to patients recovering from surgery or suffering from conditions like stroke or respiratory failure. Your training will prepare you to coordinate patient care in any stage of their journey. From a patient’s first night in the hospital to discharge and recovery, you will work with a dedicated care team to meet all of their needs.


As a nurse resident, you can gain skills in many neuroscience subspecialties. Our neuroscience programs serve patients recovering from a variety of conditions including stroke, spine surgery and complex neurosurgery. You’ll work with the most advanced technology and latest techniques to care for our patients.

Oncology at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

Our nurse residency program provides a unique opportunity to gain experience and work with one of the leading cancer institutes in the country. Sarah Cannon cancer centers allow you to serve oncology patients through surgery, chemotherapy and blood & marrow transplants. You will learn to deliver the highest quality care and support patients and families with compassion.


Orthopedic care areas serve patients during their inpatient stay following orthopedic surgery. Our state of the art units are designed to help patients recover and regain independence. You will work with a dedicated care team to coordinate the patient’s journey and ensure the best possible outcomes.


As a pediatric nurse resident, you’ll serve children and their families in dedicated specialty areas including Pediatric Critical Care (PICU), Medical-Surgical (Med-Surg) and Pediatric ER. You’ll learn to meet the needs of pediatric patients with a wide range of conditions. These units require coordination with a specialized medical team and Child Life Specialists to ensure that children receive the highest quality care in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Progressive Care Unit

Progressive Care units (PCUs) provide specialized care to patients transitioning from critical Care to Adult Care units. These patients require special attention following cardiac surgery or conditions like heart attack or stroke. Your training will equip you to care for patients with complex conditions and multiple diagnoses.

Surgical Services

Our surgical services provide a wide variety of opportunities to experience specialized care and gain extra training in areas including the Operating Room (OR), Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), Endoscopy and Same Day Surgery. You’ll receive perioperative training to coordinate patient care and support families throughout their hospital experience.

Women’s Services

Our nurse resident program provides the opportunity to experience comprehensive aspects of women’s healthcare services. From Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby care, to Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), you can learn to care for all stages of maternity patients. You’ll support women and new parents in our state of the art birthing centers and advanced Level II and Level III NICUs.