Nursing students who are preparing to graduate within the next six (6) months or graduate nursing students who have ≤ six (6) months of experience at the time of application.

Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • Open to 2- and 4-year graduates
    • BSN preferred (from CCNE/NLN-AC accredited program)
    • ADN/ASN (from CCNE/NLN-AC accredited program) must obtain BSN within four (4) years of start date
  • At time of application, candidate must be:
    • Nurse with < 6 months of experience in acute care
  • GPA: Minimum 2.5 (overall and in nursing)
  • At time of cohort start date, candidate should have taken the NCLEX in the state where the nurse will be working.
  • 18 + years of age eligible to work in the United States
  • Accept a 2-year commitment with company

Yes. You should apply to the facility and the care area that you are most interested in because your interview will be conducted at that facility by a manager and a team that represents that care area.

Yes — as a nursing student you are eligible to apply for the residency program and should plan to apply approximately six (6) months prior to graduation. The application process lists the specific dates that we will be accepting applications for each cohort. The website will be updated for each cohort and you are encouraged to sign up for our email list to receive program updates.

The Nurse Residency Program is a 12-month program and is designed so that the nurse resident will be working on their unit during the program and at the completion of the program.

The website will be updated regularly for each cohort and you are encouraged to sign up for our email list to receive program updates.

Please apply to each facility and select the top three tracks you are interested in.

The interview will be conducted in person and will consist of an interview with a nursing leader and a peer panel representing the care area. Most of our facilities also offer the opportunity to conduct the interview via Skype™ technology.

The majority of our facilities have the capability of using Skype™ technology.

The nurse resident candidate will be offered a job for a specific unit in a specific facility.

Nurse resident pay is based on facility and geographical market location.

A 2-year commitment agreement will be signed at the time an offer is made to the nurse resident candidate as part of the new employee paperwork that needs to be completed. This agreement holds the nurse resident to working as a full-time RN within TriStar for 2 years. It does not hold you to a specific facility or unit.

Yes, you will have to be licensed as a Registered Nurse prior to starting the HCA Nurse Residency.

Nurse Residents moving from out-of-state are strongly encouraged to apply to take the exam in the state that they will be working. Graduate nurses will be hired into the Nurse Residency Program and until they are licensed they will be restricted to job functions that do not require a nursing license. Clinical orientation will continue and once the Nurse Resident receives notification of their license and we are able to verify the license, these restrictions will be lifted.

Nurse Residents who have not passed their NCLEX exam by the start date of the program are not eligible to start the program and will have their start date deferred to the next cohort start date.

The system will allow you to upload up to five documents per applicant (regardless of how many facilities you apply to.) If you need to attach more than five, you will need to combine some of your documents into a single attachment.
No, your top-three selected tracks of interest will automatically default to your most recent selection when applying to the Nurse Residency Program at more than one Tristar facility.
No, your documentation only needs to be uploaded to your online application.
When applying to more than one facility, avoid facility-specific wording; we suggest addressing your documentation to the "HCA Nurse Residency Program- Tristar Division."