Why Choose a Nurse Residency Program

As a graduate nurse, you’ll need experience and guidance to become confident in your skills and assimilate into your new role. Transitioning from student to professional nurse can be challenging. That’s why we’re committed to the development and training of the caregivers of the future.

How you begin your nursing career is no small decision. The TriStar Nurse Residency Program will give you hands-on knowledge and expertise in clinical skills and critical thinking. Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of experienced nurses and fellow residents that will help you be successful and grow your career.

What to Expect as a Nurse Resident

The comprehensive 12-month program for new graduate registered nurses will guide you through acquiring the knowledge and skills to deliver safe, quality care in a specific setting.

The competitive program takes you through a formalized series of learning experiences, including:

  • Challenging curriculum
  • Monthly educational sessions
  • Guided clinical with preceptors 
  • Mentoring and debriefing with experienced nurse leaders
  • Measurement and evaluation of skills through hands-on simulations
  • Working collaboratively on an evidence-based practice project

What Will you Gain as a Nurse Resident

Our comprehensive program will give you:

  • Advanced clinical training in a specialty area
  • Confidence as a new nurse to safely care for patients
  • Support from a community of caring, experienced nurses
  • Connection to fellow residents to share your experience
  • Opportunities to advance your career in the largest network of hospitals in the country