From Katherine Klein,

"Joining the Nurse Residency has been such a beneficial and fulfilling experience! When I graduated from college, the idea of being a nurse in this quickly changing environment was a bit nerve racking. I hoped to be surrounded by colleagues and leaders that would encourage and guide me and could not be more grateful for the experience I have had through this program. From the skills labs, simulations and having a very encouraging and patient preceptor, I felt more confident in my ability to succeed as a nurse. I also had weekly meetings with my manager and cardiac educator to check in on how everything was going which made me feel very supported.

As I left college and the friends I had made over those 4 years, I was worried I wouldn’t find those same close friendships in a new area. I could not be more thankful for all the incredible people I have met through the residency and have been amazed by how close the nurses on my floor are. We are constantly getting together outside of work and they have become some of my closest friends!

Going through this program is such a great way to meet young nurses and help you grow into the amazing nurse you are. I would highly encourage all new nurses to participate in this program!"