by Jimmy Hall, Director of Education at TriStar Skyline

WJimmy-preceptor-traininghat is a Preceptor?

A preceptor is an experienced nurse who assists a newly hired nurse during the onboarding process. In the Nurse Residency Program, preceptors assess and assist with your development of clinical competency, comfort and confidence.

They will help you ease into your new role by:

  • Facilitating educational experiences
  • Helping you socialize with the other staff
  • Immersing you into the hospital culture
  • Guiding you through all the questions as a new nurse

How Does a Nurse Become a TriStar Preceptor?

Nurses that are interested in becoming a preceptor will talk to their nurse leader and complete an application. The nurse leader will rate the applicant as a “high,” “solid” or “low” performer. Approved candidates will attend a two-day course to learn the best practices for instructing new nurse residents.

Preparing Preceptors to Train & Onboard

Research validates the importance of educating preceptors into the role*. That’s why TriStar prepares our preceptors to adequately train and onboard our newly hired nurses.

In late July, TriStar educators began offering a newly revamped TriStar Preceptor Development Course. Through this course, new preceptors will be exposed to many valuable aspects of how to be a preceptor, including:

  • Identifying and catering to the different learning styles
  • Differentiating task versus critical thinking
  • Prioritizing and time management
  • Improving communication
  • Setting goals
  • Coaching the new nurse

Preceptor Training Courses

Preceptors, hospital educators and nurse leaders identified which topics would be most beneficial to include in the revamped course.

The course is not just lectures. Throughout the course, the participants will role-play and actively participate with their peers. They will also have opportunities to do a self-evaluation to identify their learning style and personality type.

In addition to the two-day class, there will also be a condensed version of the course to be offered in late 2016 for those experienced preceptors who have attended a previous TriStar preceptor course.

Preceptors are Essential to Nurse Residents

Preceptors are a valuable resource in assisting newly hired nurses adapt to their new role. We are devoted to ensuring our new nurses have a proper onboarding experience through a preceptorship. You can expect that your TriStar preceptor will have the same foundational knowledge whether you’re at Eastside Medical Center near Atlanta or at TriStar Greenview in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  That’s why we train the best of the best to properly roll out the welcome mat when you join our team.