TriStar Nurse Residency Sandy Hart

Get to know Sandy Hart, RN-BC, MSN, MBA

Nursing Professional Development Specialist, Simulation Learning Center

What do you do?

As a Nursing Professional Development Specialist my main role is to facilitate the development of a new graduate nurse in his/her first career as a nurse. Provide them with the knowledge and skills to be successful and guide them through the first year of experiences.

What inspired you to work with the Nurse Residency Program?

In my roles as a charge nurse, a preceptor, and a nurse educator, my favorite part is always developing other nurses. I love to see a nurse master a skill that they originally had difficultly performing or managing a complicated patient condition with well-developed critical thinking skills. It brings me pride that the extra time I spent with that nurse has made a difference with patient care.

What is your favorite part of your job?

When a nurse makes a point to tell me a success or an experience they had with patient care that I helped them work through beforehand. It makes me feel good that I provided them with the tools and knowledge to be successful.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My favorite hobby is gardening, I love seeing what I planted grow into a delicious vegetable or beautiful flower. I enjoy spending time weeding my flower beds or tending to my garden so I can sit and look at what I accomplished. Spring is my favorite time of year but I am experimenting with fall gardening and plants.