by Tashema Love, Nurse Resident at Eastside

First Impressions

“This week has been amazing and overwhelming. I am so amazed and very impressed by how welcoming ALL the staff has been especially our CNO, Stuart Downs. It really seems genuine and it makes me very happy. I know that I made the right decision about where I wanted to start my career.

I had a lot of emotions this past week - anxious, excited, overwhelmed, happy, and proud. I am excited that Rakiya is my preceptor. She took the time out to send me her contact information before the start of the residency and I’m so grateful for her support!

Getting Started

The subject matter experts, or SMEs, were great at refreshing our memories from nursing school and also teaching us some new things. Micki Whitehead-Dawson, Sr. HR Business Partner, and Maja Boyd, our Clinical Educator, both did a great job walking us through the rooms and getting us comfortable in the care areas.

This has been a very organized process from the beginning, thanks to Debra Jordan, the Nurse Residency Program Manager. She has made a very big difference when it comes to easing our worries while transitioning from student to nurse.  

With Rakiya by my side, my goals for the second week include: Becoming acclimated to the medical floor, completing at least two competencies, learning about Meditech and at least trying one thing by myself.

I feel that this residency is going to be an incredible opportunity to learn from the nursing team and my preceptor. I’m excited to grow as a nurse and eventually be able to teach skills in the same way they were taught to me.”