by Caroline Ashman, Director of Professional Development at Eastside

Transitioning From Student to Professional Nurse

The post-graduate nursing journey is about to begin. Classes will be over and you will be ready to begin working with patients in a hospital as a registered nurse.

I know from personal experience that making this transition can be an exciting and stressful time. Your fellow nurses have all been there, too. That’s why joining the TriStar Nurse Residency is a smart decision.

From the Classroom to the Breakroom

You will be allowed to transition during the coming months, and learn how to consolidate all of that wonderful classroom knowledge and turn it into reality.

As a former student, you may have made lists to keep you on track. Here is my list of why it’s important that we support your transition from student to professional nurse:

  1. We will support you every step of the way.
  2. Preceptors will be matched to your learning needs and personality.
  3. The lightbulb will go on and those “aha” moments will be plenty.
  4. You will never be alone.
  5. The nurse residency works. It is tried and tested, and evidence-based.
  6. Your confidence and level of competence will be far greater than those who have not been part of a nurse residency.
  7. You will be a safer nurse practitioner.

There’s Not Always a Textbook Answer

For many nurses, it’s easy to recall all of the clinical protocols you learned in nursing school, but difficult to navigate real-life interactions with patients and families. Learning interpersonal communication and practicing compassionate service will equip you to take care of all sorts of situations as a nurse.

Each patient is unique and it’s our job to ensure that they have the best possible experience on their road to healing. For example, treating someone’s condition may be easier than making them feel calm. You’ll be surrounded by experienced nurses that can share examples and lessons learned in dealing with the human element of healthcare.

RN is More Than Your Degree

A great nurse takes excellent care of their patients with clinical expertise and compassion. As a Nurse Resident, you’ll learn to hone your skills and deliver care that makes a difference with our patients.

We welcome the best and the brightest new nurse graduates to start your nursing career with our company by applying to the TriStar Nurse Residency Program.